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Womake Paris, specialized in semi-permanent make-up increased and move to an international level.

Womake and semi-permanent magic pencils

French brand, based in Marseille, Womake proposes to revolutionize the world of cosmetics thanks to its "magic

pencil". Directly inspired by the all-in-one trend, the Womake magic pencil positions itself as a real Swiss make

up knife, bringing together a wide range of uses in one product.

The Magic pencil is a semi permanent tattoo effect pencil, which does not run, does not drool, resists water,

heat, moisture, perspiration, rubbing of your eyes or your lips.

It applies to the inside of your eyes, the outside, eyeliner, eye shadow, you can draw your brow bone, apply it

to your lip contour and also in lipstick.

Hypoallergenic for sensitive eyes or lens wearers.

Perfect fit.

Which means that it resists much better than a simple waterproof pencil but also that it removes much more


The magic pencil Womake will serve you in turn eye pencil, khol, eyeliner, eye shadow, eye contour, lip contour

and even lipstick.

The second innovation of the magic pencil Womake is in the quality of its outfit.

Semi permanent tattoo effect pencil it does not run, does not drool and is resistant to friction, perspiration, moisture.

In short it will accompany you further and in a better way than many pencils lips or eyes.