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GALENIC, Creator of exceptional formulas.

GALENICoffers the most demanding women high quality care.
Each treatment is an exceptional formula resulting from the know-how of the Master-formulators.
Combining pharmaceutical rigor and refinement, the Master-formulators imagine for each asset a tailor-made formula that contributes fully to its effectiveness and creates an incomparable experience on the skin.

The name GALENIC expresses its reference to galenic science. Behind the manufacture of cosmetic products hides a thousand-year-old art, that of galenics. It consists in finding the best assemblies and the most appropriate compounds to ensure the effectiveness of the active substances while providing emotions and pleasures of the senses.

To give a maximum of chances to an active substance to be effective on the skin and to touch its target: such is the objective aimed at the galenics, a very old know-how. Driven by his creative passion, Pierre Fabre is inspired by this pharmaceutical know-how to apply it to the world of cosmetics.


Inherited from a unique know-how passed down from generation to generation, Galenic has been creating and manufacturing high-quality cosmetics for almost half a century. In a High Quality approach, High Formulation Cosmetics guarantees a rigorous selection of raw materials, tests and verifications led by experts and mastered manufacturing in France.


The discovery of the asset is the first major step in the birth of a care. But for Galénic, science does not stop there. If each brand can claim to use powerful assets, these assets can only be effective if we know how to preserve their power and make them penetrate into the epidermis at the heart of the skin.

Master-formulators must invent the formula that will preserve the effectiveness of an asset. A challenge for them, step by step, to create a unique recipe, an intelligent and exclusive architecture.

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