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The hypoallergenic make-up.

that makes you beautiful while caring for your skin.

A new make-up collection for VITRY with the acquisition of LONGCILS BONCZA, the famous brand of

specialist eye make-up.

A successful entry for this range in the world of pharmaceutical cosmetic products, thanks to its high-tolerance

hypoallergenic formula.

Longcils Boncza, with on-trend colours for a perfect, long-lasting make-up, bringing shine and depth to the


Designed in 1950 by Doctor BONCZA for professional make-up artists; creator of cake mascara made for the

actresses of the time and still relevant today with its exclusive formula.

LONGCILS BONCZA is the only brand to offer a make-up range specifically designed for the eyes.

From Marilyn Monroe to Demi Moore, each generation falls in love with LONGCILS BONCZA make-up and stays

loyal to it.