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SOLAVIE the 100% natural skincare range from PHYTOQUANT. NATURAL COSMETICS

Beauty range based on colostrum and plant extracts, SOLAVIE offers unique products dramatically effective. The skin is sublimated, resplendent of beauty and health.

A specific range for women and another dedicated to men which use colostrum regenerative properties.

SOLAVIE promotes cell renewal, has a wrinkle tensor effect and protects against skin premature aging.

100% natural products, created from formulas combining numerous active ingredients and optimum efficacy.

Pioneering assets that have made PhytoQuant a real success story.

SOLAVIE is a promise of vitality and regeneration for your skin. 

Harvested from nature, colostrum and plant extracts offer you an infinite life source for your facial skincare ritual.


4/6 Avenue Prince Albert II, 98000 Monaco

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