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Dermica Laboratoires (Zurich, Switzerland) arises from the large experience of a team of pharmacists, biochemists and physicians that has developed and supplied advanced solutions and formulas for some of the best-known international companies for the last 15 years.


Genyal is a complete range of products for effective skin care through the use of forms to fill wrinkles and solutions to revitalize the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a sterile Genyal on a 100% cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel, very stable, transparent, homogeneous, visco elastic, obtained by bacterial fermentation bio-biodegradable, biocompatible and resorbable.

Single-phase formula: all the products in the Genyal range are single-phase and therefore contain no particles, which ensures the homoegeneity of the gel.

Dual-action, high-concentration filler: 23mg/1ml of cross-linked hyaluronic acid with bio-stimulating free hyaluronic acid high molecular weight product.

This characteristic, together with cross-linkage, allows us to increase the resistance to degradation by hyaluronidases to a maximum and thus maximise the duration of the product in the tissue.

Cross-linking with butanediol diglycidyl ether (BDDE), the cross-linking agent universally recognised as the least toxic of all, which ensures that the risk of allergies is minimal.


The filler for every solution.

Superficial and medium wrinkles.


Sillons et rides profondes, augmenter Le volume des lèvres, restaurer ou créer Le volume du visage.

For all types of volume. For deep wrinkles.


Bio-stimulation at the highest level.

Suitable for all areas of face.

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Xcelens International, a european company based in Switzerland, is pleased to present an innovative range of hyaluronic acid products, uniquely developed to guarantee medical staff, and therefore patients, total comfort, satisfaction and reliability during filler implantation and bio-stimulation treatments: GENYAL, Excelens Extra, Peptidyal HX!
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