List of products by brand NUXE

The NUXE laboratory has become the leader in the major pharmacy beauty segments.

N ° 1 anti-aging care, No. 1 firming body, N ° 1 oils in France with its famous dry oil with Prodigious Oil ®.

NUXE dry oil sublimates body, face and hair.

For a prodigious beauty routine, NUXE introduces you to a selection of treatments to choose the face moisturizer , anti-aging cream and moisturizing body cream adapted to your skin type and your age.

All our face creams and anti-aging creams are composed of a unique selection of active ingredients contained inside the plant. 

Each NUXE cream provides an exceptional pleasure of use thanks to voluptuous textures and delicious scents.

A pharmacist fascinated by phytotherapy and aromatherapy created Nuxe in 1957 (from the French words nature and luxe) then the brand was taken over by Aliza Jabès in 1989 who gave it a new start.

NUXE is a unique brand combining Nature, Performance and Sensuality. Nuxe Skincare products contain natural ingredients, delicate fragrances and are unique in textures.

Mineral oil-free, animal ingredient-free, natural active ingredients, artificial coloring agents-free, exclusive and patented preservative system.

€30.00 (tax excl.)
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This anti-aging eye treatment with 10 patents (FR), with Passionflower flower and Hyaluronic Acid, acts at the heart of the skin cells and helps them to maintain an optimum energy level for a look that appears more young and bright.