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NEW local anesthetic MEPIVACAINE. STYLAGE BISOFT Special Lips Mépivaîne for lip augmentation to enhance the contour and definition. The first monophasic cross-linked hyaluronic acid based gel formulated with the addition of both antioxidant agent (mannitol) and local anesthetic. Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid IPN-Like 18,5 mg/g + Mannitol + Mépivaîne 0,3%.

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NEW. STYLAGE SPECIAL LIPS BISOFT LIPS MEPIVACAINE is a Medical device only for professional use. STYLAGE SPECIAL LIPS BISOFT is a Medical Device – Class III – CE Marking No. 0499. Injection is a medical procedure that requires experience and knowledge.   Laboratoires VIVACY's goal was to develop specific products using a different local anesthetic to induce less vasodilation than Lidocain, without losing the anesthetic efficacy and safety.

STYLAGE SPECIAL LIPS BISOFT MEPIVACAINE is a monophasic cross-linked hyaluronic acid based gel formulated with the addition of both antioxidant agent (mannitol) to create natural volume for smoother lips. STYLAGE SPECIAL LIPS BISOFT has been specifically designed to enhance the lips, creating subtle fullness and replacing the lost lip structure found with aging.
Decrease in pain related to the injection with the Mepivacaine.
Wrinkle filling and restore lip volume + improve lip contour (Special Lips) 
Designed and formulated to meet these requirements. Formulated from an animal free and biocompatible hyaluronan serum that magically lifts wrinkles around the mouth. Its innovative composition results in the most effective treatment of this sensitive area.
The lip is a very difficult area to treat correctly due to its mobility, vascularization and sensitivity to thermal and mechanical shocks. A product responsive to these constraints is required.
Flexible and very easy to model for easy placement and a sensual and harmonious result.
STYLAGE SPECIAL LIPS BISOFT is an injectable into and around the labial mucosa according to conventional techniques (retrograde tracing, micro-bolus) with a needle or cannula: lip volume augmentation, lip contour definition and correction, correction of a disproportionate upper or lower lip size, cupid’s Bow, reducing perioral lines or smoker's lines above the upper lip, restoring lip hydration (treatment for red dry lips).
Cross-linked hyaluronic acid IPN-like 18,5 mg/g-Like + Mannitol.
Mannitol q.s. 1g
Phosphate buffer pH: 7,2
The antioxidant (Mannitol) plays an important role to eliminate the distressing effects of free radicals on the skin dermis, whilst stopping any gel degradation from occurring and the risk of post-injection inflammation.
2 x 1 ml pre-filled glass, sterile latex free syringes.
4 sterile 30G½ single use needles.
The duration of the effect of a Stylage® Lips treatment is 6 - 9 months.
Removal of wrinkles around the mouth. Injected into the superficial to mid dermis for lip volume augmentation, lip contour definition and correction, correction of a disproportionate upper or lower lip size, reducing perioral lines or smoker’s lines above the upper lip and restoring lip hydration (treatment for red dry lips).


A UNIQUE FILLER FOR EACH TREATMENT AREA. NEW BOX BISOFT FOR FILLING AND SMOOTHING WRINKLES. In 2019, VIVACY introduces Bi-SOFT®, a next-generation patented injection delivery system that reinvents the concept of a traditional syringe. The new device has a unique design and provides greater precision, comfort and control to the physician during injection of VIVACY’s dermal fillers. The new Bi-SOFT® syringes are ergonomically designed to be easy to use by young, as well as highly experienced users.   The concave-shaped surface of the finger flange with the lifted edges helps avoid a lateral sliding of the doctor’s fingers from the gripping surface, and thereby secure the injection gesture.

-STYLAGE® Classic line

is specifically designed to improve the appearance of superficial lines (STYLAGE® S) and moderate to severe wrinkles (STYLAGE® M and L). Correction of fine lines and superficial wrinkles (crow’s feet, glabellar frown lines, perioral lines), tear trough area treatment under the eye. Filling of medium to deep naso-labial folds, smoothing of wrinkled and sagging areas, marionette lines, cheek wrinkles, hollow temple area, nasal hump reduction or nasal tip lift, earlobe reshaping. Hand rejuvenation including volume loss treatment on the back of the hands. Correction of fine lines and superficial wrinkles. Correction of medium to deep folds. Correction of the area around the eyes. Facial rejuvenation by lifting loose skin and restoring skin firmness. Lip augmentation for improved contour and definition. Removal of the wrinkles around the mouth. Rehydration of the lips.

-STYLAGE® Volumising Range: XL and XXL

Cheek and cheekbone enhancement for a more youthful appearance. Face oval and chin remodeling. Correction of mid-face volume loss.

-STYLAGE® Hydration and Revitalization: Hydro and HydroMax

Improving skin hydration, elasticity and skin tone. Delaying appearance of the skin ageing process.


STYLAGE® is the first innovative monophasic Gels consisting of cross-linked hyaluronic acid (patented IPN-Like technology) and a natural antioxidant to reduce the visual effects of ageing. It can be used for filling and smoothing wrinkles, natural lip correction, volume restoration, hydratation, chin remodeling, tear trough correction, neck, décolleté and hand rejuvenation.

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