FILLMED M-HA 10 (3X3ml)
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FILLMED M-HA 10 (3X3ml)

FILLMED M-HA 10 is an anti-aging mesotherapy product indicated for filling fine lines, hydrating, bringing radiance and tonicity to tired skin, as well as preventing wrinkles and skin aging. FOR DEEP SKIN HYDRATION AND NATURAL RADIANCE. Non-crosslinked free hyaluronic acid 10mg/ml.

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FILLMED M-HA 10 (3X3ml) EX/ FILORGA M-HA 10 (3X3ml) 

MEDICAL USE. Medical device only for professional use. FILLMED M-HA 10 (3X3ml) should be used by physicians who have received specific training in injection techniques for filling. 


FILLMED M-HA 10 is a sterile, colorless, transparent, transparent, isotonic, viscoelastic, biodegradable and injectable gel. HYDRATANTE - ANTIOXIDANTE  - REDENSIFYING for SKIN HYDRATATION. THE M-HA® HYDRATION.
INDICATIONS : Radiance – Elasticity – Shallow wrinkles. An anti-aging solution, perfect for filling fine lines and for moisturizing, radiance and elasticity
FILLMED M-HA 10 is a product anti-aging mesotherapy having to code the filling of fine wrinkles, hydration, radiance and tone of tired skin and prevention of wrinkles and skin aging. Improving hydratation, radiance and elasticity of the skin for face, neck, decolletage, hands. Immediate effect hydration and brightness.
FILLMED M-HA 10 both curative and preventive is suitable for all skin types. Ideal as a basis combination for mesotherapy. Very good biological activity to effectively, hydrate the tissue.


  • Hyaluronic Acid FREE 10 mg/ml = FREE OF AH Hyaluronic Acid 30mg per vial.
  • MOLECULAR WEIGHT : 1,1 x 106 Daltons.


  • Improving hydration, radiance and elasticity of the skin.
  • Filling of superficial wrinkles.
  • Deep hydration.


Face, neck, decolletage, hands.


  • 3 vials of 3 ml M HA 10 + 3 x 3 ml syringes + withdrawing needles 30G+ injection needles 32 G.
  • Pure Hyaluronic Acid (3 treatments of 3 ml).
  • Kit ready to use.


Superficial dermis, multiponcture or injection.


  • 3 sessions spaced out by 1 month.
  • Maintenance session every 6 months.
  • Once injected, the active ingredients work to restore the skins natural hydration levels, making skin feel more firmer and less saggy. 


With extra pure hyaluronic acid, which guarantees a very low endotoxin levels, bioaffinity with a molecular weight identical to that of the extracellular matrix, for perfect integration into the tissues, sterilization efficiency with double filtration that preserves the integrity of the molecular hyaluronic acid. This product will meet the expectations of physicians seeking an excellent base for mesotherapy mixtures thereof.
Acide hyaluronic is a key ingredient: HIDRATATION - MICRO-FILLING - ANTI-OXIDANT. BASE FOR cocktail OF MESOTHERAPY.


  • Immediate effect hydration and brightness.
  • Skin will look more radiant and firmer with improved elasticity. Skin will feel smoother and more hydrated, and wrinkles will be almost gone!  


1 / M-HA 10

Fine wrinkles, hydration, radiance and tone of tired skin, Prevention of wrinkles and skin aging.

  • Hyaluronic Acid 10 mg / ml.
  • Free HA.

PACKAGING: 3x3 ml bottles available with 30G and 32G injection needles.
PROTOCOL: 3 sessions spaced 1 month apart.

2 / M-HA 18

Fine lines, intense hydration. Tone and elasticity of the skin.

  • Hyaluronic Acid 18 mg / ml.
  • Free HA + Glycerol 20 mg / ml.

PACKAGING: 1x1 ml pre-filled syringe + 2 injection needles 30G.
PROTOCOL: 3 sessions spaced 1 month apart.


FILLMED has designed, developed and marketed anti-ageing products for medical aesthetic professionals since 1978: for surgeons, dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners. These products correct the signs of ageing and improve skin quality. FILLMED by FILORGA prides itself on providing cutting-edge non surgical anti-ageing solutions that include line fillers, polyrevitalising injections (NCTF®), peeling and photo-stimulation (LED), Cryotherapy and FILORGA skincare. FILLMED by Filorga has rapidly understood the benefits of combining products and techniques to optimise outcomes. The complete medical range has given to the brand the right and strong credibility to become the expert in combined therapies. 

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