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TALIKA is one of the pioneers of instrumental cosmetics and provides highly effective and non-abrasive solutions to fight against dark spots, blemishes associated with acne-prone skin (blackheads, excess sebum, redness), oily skin, wrinkles, fine lines, lack of firmness, but also cellulite and bulges.

In 1948, Danielle Roches imagine a base of plant extracts cream to treat burns of the soldiers' eyes. In addition to effectively heal them, she discovered that this cream stimulates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

An unexpected discovery: the mythical Lipocils of Talika was born! Quickly TALIKA became the expert of eye care worldwide.

Products with innovative and effective approaches now allow all women to enable the growth of their eyelashes and eyebrows, but also to take care of their eye contour.

Make-up remover, concealer, peeling, you can now have your ideal fresh look with TALIKA! Reveal your inner beauty by taking care of your eyes! 
But TALIKA is not only an eyecare expert.

After developing the Lipocils, the brand continued its commitment to the beauty of women through the development of products for the body and the face. For example, the free skin, inspired by aerospace research, is a highly effective treatment against blemishes and imperfections.

€14.55 (tax excl.)
(tax excl.)
TALIKA LIPOSOURCILS INK BRUN FEUTRE combines immediate results with a care that works from deep within: a few seconds to redefine or recolor the browline and a 4-week treatment to increase fullness and naturally repigment eyebrows. Better than a simple pencil:a Growth Serum +a Regenerating Care + a Make-up Corrector.
€16.00 (tax excl.)
(tax excl.)
TALIKA MASQUE OR - VEGETAL is a golden mask with mesmerizing notes of tiaré 95% natural ingredients. Illuminates the complexion in 10 minutes and leaves the skin soft and velvety. Visible result at once. Divine, luxurious texture for a real moment of well-being and a sensory experience unprecedented.