BUY FILLER FILLMED M-HA 10 (3x3ml) | Anti-aging mesotherapy


FILLMED M-HA 10 is a product anti-aging mesotherapy having to code the filling of fine wrinkles, hydration, radiance and tone of tired skin and prevention of wrinkles and skin aging. FOR SKIN HYDRATATION. Hyaluronic Acid FREE non cross-linked 10 mg/ml.

FILLMED M-HA 10 (3X3ml)
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FILLMED M-HA 10 is an anti-aging mesotherapy product indicated for filling fine lines, hydrating, bringing radiance and tonicity to tired skin, as well as preventing wrinkles and skin aging. FOR DEEP SKIN HYDRATION AND NATURAL RADIANCE. Non-crosslinked free hyaluronic acid 10mg/ml.