Krème cosmetic care are organic and natural

Krème’s MISSION:

  • Naturally rebalance the most demanding skin.
  • Formulate 100% natural products that are suitable for all skin types, even the most demanding.

Krème are treatments capable of naturally rebalancing the skin. Krème offers refined treatments, but powerfully dosed in natural active ingredients with dermatologically proven effectiveness. We draw from nature's treasures of effectiveness that we potentiate thanks to science so that they release all their active molecules on the skin.


Krème makes no compromises to suit all skin types, even the most demanding: our products are formulated:

  • Preservative-free,
  • Allergen-free
  • Without essential oil to respect the microbiome.
  • The entire range is compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding. Our factory dedicated to creams is labeled “medical device”, which guarantees the strictest hygiene standards.
  • All “made in France”.The majority of our assets are grown in France, an expensive but crucial choice to access superior quality assets, support our sectors and gain agility.

Our method 1, 2, 3: WEAN, BALANCE, DYNAMIZE

Krème is a simple name, but with one difference, a "k" instead of the "c". Because that is our mission: to formulate pure products, without preservatives or allergens, but with a difference. This difference is our method: a perfect balance between probiotics to rebalance the skin and French active ingredients to energize it.