MAGIC NEEDLE CANULES NEEDLE CONCEPT (Box of 25 cannulas) Needleconcept. Comfort of use & innovative techniques. The flexible micro cannula revolutionizing injection techniques. In partnership with Doctor Bernard Hertzog who after various researches conceived the Magic Needle® micro-cannula, Needle Concept® brings to the whole of medicine (aesthetic, plastic, ophthalmologic, dermatologic, dental...) an innovative technique for less traumatic and more reliable injections for the customers.


Eyebrows / temporal region, valley of tears, cheeks, chin, hands, neckline and lips. Unlike the traditional rigid and sharp needle, the Magic Needle® does not cut the skin or the underlying tissue. Thanks to its flexibility associated with the originality of the injection orifice, a large number of fillers can be used regardless of their viscosity. This injection technique is characterized by a very limited number of injection points, which allows the practitioner to intervene with less pain for the patient over a larger area. 

The Magic Needle® has become the benchmark for quality and reliability and is exported worldwide. The advantages of the Magic Needle®.

The right balance between flexibility and rigidity: flexibility allows the practitioner to adapt and control his gesture in order to avoid pain and to not traumatize the dermis or the underlying tissues. The Magic Needle® glides under the skin without damaging it.

  • New techniques. Patients are more serene
  • 1 injection site. Allows treatment of a larger injection area
  • Homogeneous distribution. Allows better penetration of the product under the skin
  • No social eviction. Reduction of undesirable side effects
  • Invasive procedure. The flexibility and the foam tip make the procedure almost painless for the patient. 
  • Control of the injection. The different gauges and lengths allow the injection technique to be adapted.
  • Fast execution. The single injection point speeds up the treatment of a larger area. No tissue lysis
  • The rounded tip greatly reduces the risk of intravascular injection
  • No effusion into the dermis. This technique allows a control of the injection level.

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