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OEMINE line is available in pharmacies and is prescribed by the doctors and nutritionists who know dietary requirements and indications for receiving beneficial nutritional supplementation.

Oemine is in compliance with the European regulations on GMOs and irradiation.

Oemine nutritional supplements should not replace a varied, balanced diet. 

itamins are very fragile molecules and it is very important to preserve their natural environment because it protects them and helps them give us the best of them.

Plant extracts of Oemine natural supplements are drawn from the heart of nature.

Besides vitamins, they contain other elements essential to human body such as: fatty acids, flavonoids, anthocyanins, lecithins, etc.

Their manufacturing mode including new technologies focuses on preserving the quality of the active ingredients.

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This topical lotion is a regenerator of your skin after sun exposure to have a natural tan. This topical oil favours a protected natural tan. It is good to use it after sunbathing to calm skin. However this product is not a sunscreen. It shouldn’t be applied on the skin during sun exposure.