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Sisthaema Hevo'T is a combination: skin booster and dermal filler in one product, giving your customers a unique experience. Innovative product. Immediate effects. Lasting effects. Non cross-linked HYALURONIC ACID 50 mg.

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A systemic cutaneous generation: NON cross-linked HA able to last and be active for weeks after injection by stimulating the synthesis of type III collagen and other macromolecules of the extracellular matrix. Sisthaema Hevo'T is neither a skin booster nor a dermal filler. It's a combination of both in one product, giving your customers a unique experience.

BENEFITS of the Sisthaema Hevo-T bio-stimulator:

  • Innovative product.
  • Immediate effects.
  • Lasting effects.
  • CE marking.
  • New application technique (patented to Sisthaema).
  • Online training on the new technique available with certificate of completion.
  • Less pain and side effects such as bruising.


1 pre-filled syringe of 2ml per box.


  • 70 mg of active ingredients.
  • 20 mg of TREHALOSE.
  • Non cross-linked HYALURONIC ACID 50 mg.

SISTHAEMA HEVO T mainly stimulates the production of reticular collagen (type III), also called young collagen which predominates in young skin.

  • Hyaluronic acid and trehalose.

In addition to the purest hyaluronic acid, there is TREHALOSE, a sugar-like molecule capable of protecting hyaluronic acid from natural degradation processes, allowing it to last and act longer compared to non-crosslinked acid injections. Trehalose is also able to capture impressive amounts of water to give the skin a long-lasting moisturizing and tightening effect.

  • Double molecular weights.

SISTHAEMA HEVO T contains a double row of molecular weights. Most are bred to add volume, drive type III collagen production, and trap water for better hydration. The low molecular weights make the hydrogel softer, which results in a more natural effect while facilitating the injection process.

  • Fragmentation of hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is fragmented during the manufacturing process because the fragments appropriately target specific receptors in the skin (CD 44) to trigger the production of the right type III collagen, also known as young collagen.


Sisthaema Hevo-T Skin Booster can be injected anywhere skin is present, although the most common areas are: FACE. NECK. LOW-CUT. ARM. KNEES. HANDS.


2 treatments one month apart then maintenance every six months.


Biorevitalisation. Enter the new era of Sisthaemic Dermal Regeneration: Immediate action and lasting effects thanks to bioregeneration that will remain active for weeks after treatment to produce cumulative effects.


Today you are entering the new era of Systhemic Dermal Regeneration. SISTHAEMA HEVO T-PHORMAE

  • Immediate action and lasting effects

Thanks to SISTHAEMA HEVO T, you will enjoy immediate rejuvenation and this bioregeneration will remain active for weeks after the treatment to produce cumulative effects.

  • Natural lifting effect

When Systhaemic Dermal Regeneration occurs, your skin begins to regenerate itself by containing new type III collagen, resulting in a natural lifting effect that respects the harmony of your face. A younger version of yourself.

  • Volume and deep hydration

A double row of molecular weights (low and high) gives you volume and deep hydration. The unique combination of SISTHAEMA HEVO T can capture much more water compared to other linear hyaluronic acid products to improve skin hydration in depth.


TREHALOSE & HYALURONIC ACID SYNERGY. The combination of Trehalose and Hyaluronic Acid exerts intense and prolonged dermal regeneration; Trehalose stabilizes hyaluronic acid in SISTHAEMA HEVO T by binding to its chains and protecting it from enzymatic degradation and oxidation; Trehalose is a disaccharide obtained by condensation of two glucose molecules The combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Trehalose acts in a highly synergistic way, allowing a strong and intensive action incomparably superior to that exerted by Hyaluronic Acid alone.


Purity represents the level of endotoxin in hyaluronic acid, which should be close to zero. The almost total absence of endotoxins makes hyaluronic acid a new generation.

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