List of products by brand COVERMARK

COVERMARK, an internationally renowned American brand, has offered a range of corrective makeup for the face and body for more than eighty years.

Most skin pathologies and disgraces can be completely corrected by COVERMARK. Acne, acne scars, vitiligo, angiomas, melasma and even stretch marks and tattoos can be completely hidden thanks to COVERMARK.

Practitioners have a long experience of COVERMARK.

They find, in fact, a valuable complement to their treatments.

It is a not insignificant psychological aid, the usefulness of which is even more evident when medical treatment fails to remove the apparent traces of the lesions.

The quality of life for patients is greatly improved. They rediscover the pleasure of showing themselves freely, of working without embarrassment and rediscovering the joy of group leisure and their natural assurance.

Beauty professionals also find in COVERMARK an essential ally for classic make-up ranges, allowing them to completely correct the most visible skin problems.


Angioma plan

Acne scar



Erythro / rosacea


Dermatological treatment by vascular laser

The tatoos


Face Magic : Foundation - Creamy texture

Removing Cream : Extra-gentle cleansing cream

Classic Foundation : Compact foundation

Finishing Powder: Loose translucent powder