List of products by brand BIOCYTE

BIOCYTE develops nutritional supplements for cosmetic and anti-aging purposes. 

BIOCYTE products are the result of ongoing research in innovation.

They are formulated according to demanding conditions from exclusive and innovative natural ingredients acting synergistically. 

By strengthening cellular rejuvenation, BIOCYTE preserves the beauty of the skin longer. 

BIOCYTE products meet the rigorous standards of the regulations on the criteria of safety, quality and efficiency.

In the past 20 years, some major advances have been made in the field of esthetic mede, but very few in the field of pure cosmetics.

The first visible factor of aging is our esthetic appearance, the way our skin and hair look.

Biocyte built its foundations on this aspect, pioneering a brand new discipline: NUTRICOSMETICS.

This is the natural follow-on from cosmetics, with a deeper, more global and more durable action.

The majority of our cells have the potential to regenerate and the skin cells do so in 4 to 6 weeks.

So it’s possible to take nutritional action to make sure they regenerate at 100% of their potential.

Since they target the most important part of the skin - the dermis - the effects of the active ingredients are even longer-lasting.

This is the concept underpinning the principle of nutricosmetics and in ten years, we have created the broadest and most advanced nutritional range targeting esthetic effects.

His thirst for innovation drove him to constantly seek the best in every ingredient, to provide beauty and well-being solutions that work from the inside out, tailored to the needs of each individual.

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Biocyte CRYO-mask, formulated with PCA, hyaluronic acid and ProgelineTM, is ideal for boosting skin radiance and firmnes. Radiance enhancing & firming mask. This 3 in 1 treatment combines moisturizing, forming and facial radiance-boosting active ingredients.