List of products by supplier REALYS ESTHETIC

REALYS ESTHETIC Matériels & dispositifs médicaux

The company REALYS ESTHETIC was born in January 2018.

The stated aim of Realys Esthetic is to be able to offer aesthetic doctors and dermatologists innovative, exclusive products with a very good price / quality ratio.

To do this the leaders went directly to the source in one of the most active countries in this field: South Korea.

The company REALYS ESTHETIC always in its approach to exclusive proposals is at the forefront of new "sourcings" in order to remain in a constant process of innovation.

From the company Realys esthetic distributes exclusively:

des fils tenseurs resorbables en PLLA : EVERLINE

des fils stimulants du collagéne en PLLA: EVERLINE

des micro-canules « blunt »d’injections de produits de comblement : KL-Global

des masques faciaux post soins : Rebalance et  EGF-Skinculture


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