Aqualyx® MARRLOR BIOMEDICAL is the non-surgical alternative in the treatment of localized adiposity. FOR A MEDICAL USE. Numerous scientific studies published in the last century have essentially demonstrated, as with solutions based on phosphatidylcholine used “off label” for the non-surgical reduction of localized adiposities and sodium deoxycholate, the active ingredient in adipocitolysis was the detergent (sodium deoxycholate) and not the phosphatidylcholine.

However, the use of deoxycholate sodium salt alone produced serious tissue necrosis, given the lack of selectivity and the high degree of aggressiveness of the detergent. Based on these concepts, in 2004, Prof. Motolese started to work on a new formulation that would act by selectively destroying the fat cells (adipocitolysis) without damaging neighbouring tissues.

This study resulted in the development of a new product, highly selective for adipose cells Aqualyx. Aqualyx is a microgelatinous solution containing micro quantities of molecules with an adipocitolytic action (derived from the sodium deoxycholate) with a short half-life capable of modulating and intensifying the effect on adipose tissue through the external application of medium-frequency ultrasound. Aqualyx  must be used by a trained physician who has been trained to perform the procedure and must be combined with Sonolyx  (CE 0051).


The treatment must be performed by applying the product in a homogenous manner in the adipose tissue to be treated. The treatment is painless.