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Today you are entering the new era of Systhemic Dermal Regeneration. SISTHAEMA HEVO T-PHORMAE.

Sisthaema Hevo-T (1x2ml)

Sisthaema Hevo'T is neither a skin booster nor a dermal filler. It's a combination of both in one product, giving your customers a unique experience they'll want to repeat over and over again.

  • Immediate action and lasting effects

Thanks to SISTHAEMA HEVO T, you will enjoy immediate rejuvenation and this bioregeneration will remain active for weeks after the treatment to produce cumulative effects.

  • Natural lifting effect

When Systhaemic Dermal Regeneration occurs, your skin begins to regenerate itself by containing new type III collagen, resulting in a natural lifting effect that respects the harmony of your face. A younger version of yourself.

  • Volume and deep hydration

A double row of molecular weights (low and high) gives you volume and deep hydration.

BENEFITS of the Sisthaema Hevo-T bio-stimulator:

  • Innovative product.
  • Immediate effects.
  • Lasting effects.
  • CE marking.
  • New application technique (patented to Sisthaema).
  • Online training on the new technique available with certificate of completion.
  • Less pain and side effects such as bruising etc.


Sisthaema Hevo-T Skin Booster can be injected anywhere skin is present, although the most common areas are: FACE. NECK. LOW-CUT. ARM. KNEES. HANDS.




TREHALOSE & HYALURONIC ACID SYNERGY. The combination of Trehalose and Hyaluronic Acid exerts intense and prolonged dermal regeneration; Trehalose stabilizes hyaluronic acid in SISTHAEMA HEVO T by binding to its chains and protecting it from enzymatic degradation and oxidation; Trehalose is a disaccharide obtained by condensation of two molecules of glucose;


Enter the new era of Sisthaemic Dermal Regeneration: Immediate action and lasting effects thanks to bioregeneration that will remain active for weeks after treatment to produce cumulative effects.

PHORMAE (1x2ml)


Phormae is a bio-stimulating injectable medical device based on fragments of hyaluronic acid (HA) with a molecular weight of approximately 1300 kDa. Phormae contains non-cross-linked fragmented HA, the best option to activate the production of new young collagen (type III) in the skin and thus to improve skin hydration, resulting in a naturally rejuvenated appearance.


Phormae is intended to make you look naturally younger, by decreasing the health of your skin and boosting its own ability to repair and recover. It's the perfect solution if you're looking to maintain your look, throwing off a few years. After the treatment, you will see immediate results and "radiant" skin, you will feel deep hydration and notice smoother skin and a fresher appearance.?

The aging of the skin results in a loss of deep hydration, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation of various types and an alteration of the amorphous component of the dermis. This complex phenomenon is manifested by a marked decrease in the concentration of hyaluronic acid.

Is Phormae safe?

HA products are generally considered very safe and mild side effects are very rare. Nevertheless, we have chosen to use only the best and purest form of HA (pharmaceutical grade), with the lowest level of endotoxins, in order to give you the highest possible safety profile.

Unique properties

The high technological specialization of our laboratories has allowed us to integrate cutting-edge technologies into the manufacturing process, including Selective Spectrum Technology (SST), which allows us to select the most appropriate HA spectrum for the aesthetic objective, thus maximizing the effectiveness of the product; HA fragmentation, to better stimulate CD44 receptors on fibroblasts to produce type III collagen; pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid, making adverse product-to-product side effects nearly impossible.